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HHFI is an individually owned and operated business that specialized in the hand crafting of Penny Whistles, sometimes known as the Fipple Flute, Flageolet, Tin Whistle, Irish Whistle, Scottish Whistle, and numerous other names over its long history. I offer tunable and non-tunable models in a wide array of keys and a range of materials including domestic and exotic hardwoods, metals, and polymers. I also hand craft hardwood presentation cases for musical instruments.

The instrument itself is a six holed mouth blown woodwind instrument which can handle a complete two octave range of notes through the use of half-holing and cross fingering making for an ideal folk instrument in the styles of American, English, French, Irish, and other traditional music The Penny Whistle is an excellent beginner's instrument that in practiced hands will continue to serve its player right through professional levels. The most common examples of the whistle can be found in Celtic music where it is prized for its unique and striking sound.

HHFI is located in the beautiful western hills of Ithaca New York, an area known for its natural woodlands, waterways, agriculture, and a rich heritage in music and the arts. Ithaca is home to many active musical groups and hosts a wide variety of music and cultural festivals throughout the year that attract people from across the globe, including the Finger Lakes Grassroots festival of Music and Dance and the Ithaca festival. It is also home to many well known instrument makers ranging from Scottish and Irish bagpipes to string instruments.

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Last Updated on 9/23/2015